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<b>DOVETAIL</b> Drawer Box


Our Dovetailed Drawer Box is available in FOUR Different wood types, including 1/2" thick, Baltic Birch 9-ply plywood, to 5/8" thick solid MAPLE.
ALL Drawer boxes are finished with a satin UV clear finish.
We offer most boxes Fully Assembled or Unassembled. Professional Assembly adds only aprox. $6.00 - $7.00 each to cover extra shipping size. It is Well Worth Every Penny, in our humble opinion!

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Drawer Box Material Choose the Material you would like to have your Drawer Box made from in this step. They are listed in order from Lowest Cost to Highest Cost.
ALL drawers are shipped with a durable UV cured Clear Satin Finish.
Drawer Box Depth This is the "Front-to-Back" length of the drawer box.
Drawer Box Height Drawer box height is the ENTIRE outside Dimension of the drawer box.
The bottom of the drawer box is set up 1/2" from the bottom, and is 1/4" thick, so the INSIDE of the drawer box will measure 3/4" Less than the outside of the Drawer Box.
Drawer Box Assembly Choose factory assembled, or Save money and have them shipped flat and ready to assemble on site.
Drawer Slides 100 lb capacity FULL EXTENSION slides. Steel mounting brackets, screws, and instructions included.

Drawer Box Depth

This is the "Front-to-Back" length of the drawer box.

21" Deep
21" Deep

18" Deep
18" Deep

15" Deep
15" Deep

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