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<b>SOLID WOOD <u>STAIN COLOR</u> Samples</b><br><font size=1>(coupon code "woodsample")</font size>

(coupon code "woodsample")

Taken straight from the production line, these aprox. 3" x 3" x 1/2" Thick samples give you a GREAT example of the Quality, Finish and Color to expect.
Each color sample piece costs $2.50, and is yours to keep. (You may even return them for credit after your purchase if you wish).
NOTE: Enter "woodsample" in the Gray COUPON CODE BOX (above the BBB symbol) and press 'Enter Code' button to remove all the Shipping and Boxing fees, except for $3.00 to cover First Class Postage.

DO NOT USE THIS "woodsample" COUPON CODE if you are NOT SPECIFICALLY ORDERING THIS "woodsample", OR if you are ALSO purchasing ANY additional products that is NOT a "woodsample"!

This discount is meant to save the shipping and boxing fee for customers that are ordering ONLY a "woodsample" sample, and nothing else!

NOTE!! The discount you recieved by using this "woodsample" COUPON CODE on any order for which this coupon code was never intended to be used will be revoked and charged back to your credit card.

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Wood / Finish

The WOOD / FINISH is the Wood Species of the Door and the Stain and Finish combination.

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