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200 Series - RAISED PANEL Wood

200 Series - RAISED PANEL Wood

PREMIUM Mortise and Tenon Frame and SOLID Wood Panel Drawer Fronts to match the 200 Series Cabinet Door construction.
Use this Drawer Front for SOLID PANEL Shaker Style Drawer Fronts

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Style The style is the basic SHAPE of the Drawer Front.
Wood / Finish
Wood Quality Click on either the STANDARD or SELECTphoto below. 'Select' will generally add only about 10% to the total cost.
Edge Profile
Frame Profile The Frame Profile is the shape of the inner edge of the frame. See the line drawing below for the area we are referring to.
Panel Profile The panel profile is the shape of the edge of the inner panel. The edge profile is the shape of the outer edge of the door. See the line drawing below for the area we are referring to.

Wood / Finish

<b>Red Oak - Unfinished</b>
Red Oak - Unfinished

<b>Red Oak - Natural (Clear)</b>
Red Oak - Natural (Clear)

<b>Knotty Alder - Spice</b>
Knotty Alder - Spice

<b>Red Oak - Wheat</b>
Red Oak - Wheat

<b>Red Oak - Autumn</b>
Red Oak - Autumn

<b>Red Oak - Nutmeg</b>
Red Oak - Nutmeg

<b>Red Oak - Charcoal</b>
Red Oak - Charcoal

<b>Maple - Unfinished</b>
Maple - Unfinished

<b>Maple - Natural (Clear)</b>
Maple - Natural (Clear)

<b>Maple - Spice</b>
Maple - Spice

<b>Alder - Ginger</b>
Alder - Ginger

<b>Maple - Toffee</b>
Maple - Toffee

<b>Maple - White</b>
Maple - White

<b>Maple - Antique White</b>
Maple - Antique White

<b>Maple - Cider</b>
Maple - Cider

<b>Maple - Cordovan</b>
Maple - Cordovan

<b>Maple - Ginger</b>
Maple - Ginger

<b>Maple - Espresso</b>
Maple - Espresso

<b>Cherry - Unfinished</b>
Cherry - Unfinished

<b>Cherry - Spice</b>
Cherry - Spice

<b>Cherry - Ginger</b>
Cherry - Ginger

<b>Cherry - Cordovan</b>
Cherry - Cordovan

<b>Maple- Black Fox (paint)</b>
Maple- Black Fox (paint)

<b>Cherry - Espresso</b>
Cherry - Espresso

<b>Alder - Espresso</b>
Alder - Espresso

<b>Alder - Unfinished</b>
Alder - Unfinished

<b>Alder - Natural Satin Finish</b>
Alder - Natural Satin Finish

<b>Knotty Alder - Ginger</b>
Knotty Alder - Ginger

<b>Paint Grade - Unfinished</b>
Paint Grade - Unfinished

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