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Wood - Self Adhesive

Wood - Self Adhesive

Choose from OAK, MAPLE, CHERRY, and HICHORY. Available Stained and Finished in the Door Colors, or Unfinished. All Pieces are Self Adhesive, and measure 24" Wide x 96" Long and are available in Full Sheets ONLY. As a rule of thumb, figure ONE sheet for every 10 door openings.

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Finish The finish of the veneer.


The finish of the veneer.

<b>Red Oak - Unfinished</b>
Red Oak - Unfinished

<b>Red Oak - Natural (Clear)</b>
Red Oak - Natural (Clear)

<b>Knotty Alder - Spice</b>
Knotty Alder - Spice

<b>Red Oak - Wheat</b>
Red Oak - Wheat

<b>Red Oak - Autumn</b>
Red Oak - Autumn

<b>Red Oak - Nutmeg</b>
Red Oak - Nutmeg

<b>Red Oak - Charcoal</b>
Red Oak - Charcoal

<b>Maple - Unfinished</b>
Maple - Unfinished

<b>Maple - Natural (Clear)</b>
Maple - Natural (Clear)

<b>Maple - Spice</b>
Maple - Spice

<b>Alder - Ginger</b>
Alder - Ginger

<b>Maple - Toffee</b>
Maple - Toffee

<b>Maple - White</b>
Maple - White

<b>Maple - Antique White</b>
Maple - Antique White

<b>Maple - Cider</b>
Maple - Cider

<b>Maple - Cordovan</b>
Maple - Cordovan

<b>Maple - Ginger</b>
Maple - Ginger

<b>Maple - Espresso</b>
Maple - Espresso

<b>Cherry - Unfinished</b>
Cherry - Unfinished

<b>Cherry - Spice</b>
Cherry - Spice

<b>Maple- Black Fox (paint)</b>
Maple- Black Fox (paint)

<b>Cherry - Cordovan</b>
Cherry - Cordovan

<b>Cherry - Ginger</b>
Cherry - Ginger

<b>Cherry - Espresso</b>
Cherry - Espresso

<b>Alder - Espresso</b>
Alder - Espresso

<b>Alder - Unfinished</b>
Alder - Unfinished

<b>Alder - Natural Satin Finish</b>
Alder - Natural Satin Finish

<b>Knotty Alder - Ginger</b>
Knotty Alder - Ginger

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