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Veneer Applicator

This tool is an ABSOLUTE MUST to install your Self Adhesive Veneer Properly.
This is the ONLY applicator we recommend for installing our Wood and RTF (Rigid ThermoFoil) veneers!


VIRUTEX Wood Veneer Slitter RENTAL
(NOT for RTF)

(coupon code "SLITTER")

RENT this $150.00 WOOD veneer slitter to use in your home for up to TWO WEEKS for Only $25.00!
This tool makes SHORT WORK of cutting all the Wood Veneer strips accurately and with NO WASTE.
Cut ALL the strips your kitchen will need in as little as 15 minutes! What a timesaver!
NOTE! Click on the Blue "#1- More Details" Button below the photo to Read the Rental and Pricing Details of the rental agreement
Your credit card will be charged a total of $136.95 when you rent the Virutex Slitter. $100.00 of that amount will be held in escrow as the security deposit for the tool, while $25.00 will be applied as the Rental of the tool for TWO weeks, and the final $11.95 of that amount will cover the USPS Priority Mail shipping to you.).
NOTE: Enter the word SLITTER in the Gray COUPON CODE BOX (above the BBB symbol) and click 'Enter Code' to remove the $27.50 in Shipping and Boxing fees!!

DO NOT use the 'COUPON CODE' above if you are also purchasing additional products that is not a SLITTER.


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